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Water Kerner "1 tenth of 1 percent Karma (#15)" painting
"1 tenth of 1 percent Karma (#15)"
Mixed Media
approx. 12" diameter (approx. 30.48cm)

This limited series refers to the "Wealth Inequality Study" done in 2014 for the National Bureau of Economic Research, a nonpartisan organization in Cambridge, Massachusetts, (best known as the arbiter for determining whether the U.S. economy is in recession). The study was done by economists Emmanuel Saez of the University of California, Berkeley, and Gabriel Zucman of the London School of Economics and endorsed by 2 other prominent economists: Thomas Piketty of the Paris School of Economics and Edward Wolff of New York University.

Conclusion of the study: "The top 0.1% of Americans and the bottom 90 percent of U.S. households own virtually the same share of ALL the nation's wealth".

PROVENANCE: Matter Studio Gallery, Los Angeles, CA USA