WATERKERNER - Mixed Media Artist

As a young artist growing up in New York, I was surrounded by acres of lush woods. Our mailbox was marked RFD #2 for “Rural Free Delivery”. When I left home at 18, I had no idea I would only live in huge cities surrounded by glass & concrete walls reverberating man-made noises. Throughout my successful artistic career, I find it absolutely captivating my body and soul are still magnetized by the beautiful outdoors. Nature will always be the origin of my awe and my greatest mentor of originality. I believe the more virtual our lives become, the more we crave the beauty & excitement of art which engages our senses and connects us to ourselves, our feelings and others.

WATER KERNER Art Artist Sculpture Painting Installation Mixed Media Assemblage Los Angeles California Skowhegan MICA AFI Digital Animation CINE TELLY NAFDMA Awards