• Water Kerner "1 of 19 Artists Selected from over 900"

    Water Kerner "1 of 19 Artists Selected from over 900"

    Water Kerner "One of 19 Artists Selected from 900 applicants for Bothell, Washington City Hall Gallery". 2018

  • Water Kerner artwork shown @ TUBAC Center for the Arts, Arizona

    Water Kerner artwork shown @ TUBAC Center for the Arts, Arizona

    Water Kerner artwork shown @ TUBAC Center for the Arts, Arizona
    YEAR: 2018

  • "Corvus Constellation" @ The Studio Door (San Diego, CA)

    "Corvus Constellation" @ The Studio Door (San Diego, CA)
  • Nature Inspired Anthologies

    Nature Inspired Anthologies

    Water Kerner's art in Nature Inspired Anthologies "Spring 2016" issue.

  • Water Kerner at MUSEUM OF ART & HISTORY

    Water Kerner at MUSEUM OF ART & HISTORY

    Show Title: "Smaller Footprints: Women respond to Climate Change"
    MOAH Exhibit dates: January 28 - March 27, 2016

  • Garnet News, New York City: Water Kerner "ARTIST of the WEEK 2015"

    Garnet News, New York City:    Water Kerner  "ARTIST of the WEEK 2015"

    Water Kerner ARTIST of the WEEK Garnet News in New York, NY 2015


  • Illuminated Triptych @ Alexandria Museum of Art

    Illuminated Triptych @ Alexandria Museum of Art

    Water Kerner's "Illuminated Triptych at AMOA (Alexandria Museum of Art).

  • “Multiple Tell-A-Visions”
    Distressed wood, oil paint, thunder sound effect tube, HD digital player, LCD flat screen, textured glass, seed pod, red yarn, metal regulator parts, 3 USB thumb drives, 3 looping HD animations. 48”w x 33”h x 14’d.
    While the vast majority of art lovers and gallery visitors are accustomed to an occasional interaction with “a work of art”, it is rare to see art hanging on a wall that changes at all. With “Multiple Tell-A-Visions” Water Kerner invites us to essentially change the face of her art. Taking the idea of ‘physical interaction’ a step further, she provides the means for an ongoing involvement in the artwork, beyond the imagination or control of the creator.
    “Creating or editing our own video content has become a way of life for most of us. We use brilliant motion graphics or stock footage from the web, compile family photos, and capture video with our cell phones.”
    The title “Multiple Tell-A-Visions” appropriately describes the sculpture’s seemingly endless ability to “upgrade” or update its subject matter depending upon the involvement of the viewer. The word-play of the title also calls into mind the profusion of old and new devices we now rely upon for information 24 hours a day. Hidden inside the wall hanging sculpture is a high-definition monitor behind a façade of varying degrees of rippled or distorted glass, which produce a painterly effect on the footage. Three original digital animations created by the artist are are supplied on 16 GB USB “thumb drives”. Any one of these tiny drives can be swapped out for another or replaced with whatever content the buyer chooses to save on their own USB drive – thus becoming an integral part of the sculpture. “Whether the owner of the sculpture uses my motion content or their own, it will convey creative, historical and personal values…or the soul of Art, which is essentially what it means to be alive on planet Earth”. You can see more of Water Kerner’s art at www.waterkerner.com.
    D. Bizarro, Garnet News

  • LONDON CURATOR C. Eastwood reviews artist Water Kerner 2014

    LONDON CURATOR   C. Eastwood reviews artist Water Kerner 2014

    London; England Curator C. Eastwood reviews Water Kerner's Art in Los Angeles


    London's Sweet'Art Curator Reviews Water Kerner

    *SEE "London Curator Review" LINK (on HomePage) for article contents*

  • Installation Art

    Installation Art

    “Mummified trees wrapped with the “Financial Times” from newspapers, rusted cans, extinct bird illustrations, glutinous tar, and old 35mm slides are some of the materials utilized and manipulated in Water Kerner’s installation.

    Objects from the past or those soon to disappear into the Earth’s crust, are abundant in both her large and small scale Assemblage sculptures. They direct us to a principal environmental theme besides the artist’s obvious attraction to “obsolete” and distressed materials. In addition to the nostalgia of remembrance (particularly elicited by wind up music boxes on small wall-mounted sculptures), it seems impossible to avoid the uncomfortable fact we are all slated to join the neglected and forgotten cultural driftwood of time.
    And yet there are contrasting sparks of modernity in the artist’s endeavors. “Multiple Tell-a-Visions” has an initial discarded appearance yet employs high resolution animations for its manifestation of color and movement. The LED circuits Water solders together to “flash for 6 years until you replace the battery” coexist alongside intimate spaces displaying a deliberate conscious simplicity and/or propensity to construct and compose with a clear focus or purpose.
    Each “Tableau” or wall floating small sculpture involves a careful consideration of each object’s placement and overall composition. There is nothing flippant about these small studies. A careful balancing trick derived from many years of creative practice is obtrusively apparent.
    Overall, her work demonstrates a dramatically different direction than the vast majority of multifarious Assemblage work we see today. Whether Ms. Kerner’s art is influenced by her age, extensive travel abroad, or environmental concerns, there is an irrefutable reductive aspect of Modernism in her captivating creations.”

  • SKOWHEGAN Journal

    SKOWHEGAN Journal
  • Water Kerner SOLO EXHIBIT 2013

    VCReporter News/Culture/Art & Opinion "Pick of the Week": Water Kerner "Here Today Gone Tomorrow" Gallery Installation:

  • Ventura County Reporter California : Water Kerner's Art Installation

    Ventura County Reporter Newspaper. Page 36 of November 21, 2013
    "HAPPENINGS": Water Kerner Art Installation. Using a variety of materials such as wood, paint, and found objects, Kerner incorporates music and computer motion graphics. 1783 East Main Street, Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, noon-5pm. Highlights section; COLOR photo of "Multiple Tell-A-Visions" artwork. www.VCReporter.com